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The Bible bends all natural laws and rules because it is a supernatural book.
It cannot POSSIBLY be understood by a natural mind focused upon natural understanding. That is what Nicodemus discovered when he came to Christ trying to understand, with a natural mind, supernatural events and teachings.

Because scientists being naturally skeptical, have minds trapped in the box of the five physical senses they cannot focus therefore on the supernatural aspects to understand the biblical 'Birdseye view' of God, who sees things from OUTSIDE time and space, the box that we as finite are limited within .

There was a reason why Jesus said you must be born again. It is a SPIRITUAL rebirth [Both of Mind and Spirit] that is needed to release the hidden evidence of things we cannot witness from inside this physical 'BOX' universe.

I KNOW from personal experience that the Bible is true but I cannot convince you, you must find the truth yourself. THAT'S HOW LIFE WORKS!

Spend less time developing your skeptical natural mind and THAT'S WHAT YOUR DOING, and more time focusing on what Christ taught and you will discover as I have, the truth. You can only interpret the Universe through the shaded lens of your own understanding!
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Part 2 - The Bibles BIG Events - The stopping of the sun in Joshua and The reversal of the sun's course in Isaiah!

The parting of the sea by Moses (Exodus 14:21-31) 

The following Answer may not be to the liking of most skeptics, but honesty is preferred to outlandish interpretations..........It must be understood that scripture states the exact reactions of Ancient people who understood their surroundings differently than we can sometimes comprehend from our standpoint. 

The words used in scripture must be understood from their original intent when used by the author, so it is not acceptable for skeptics to take the words a little too literal in the wrong direction.  

These verses literally mean what they were intended to mean and not what we would like to superimpose upon them, no matter how we need to impress the world.

The stopping of the sun in Joshua (Joshua 10:12-14)

11As they fled before Israel, while they were descending [the pass] to Beth-horon, the Lord cast great stones from the heavens on them as far as Azekah, killing them. More died because of the hailstones than the Israelites slew with the sword.
12Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, be silent and stand still at Gibeon, and you, moon, in the Valley of Ajalon!
    13And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed [ dm[ , aw-mad': a primitive root; to stand, in various relations (literal and figurative, intransitive and transitive):--abide (behind), appoint, arise, cease, confirm, continue, dwell, be employed, endure, establish, leave, make, ordain, be (over), place, (be) present (self), raise up, remain, repair, + serve, set (forth, over, -tle, up), (make to, make to be at a, with-)stand (by, fast, firm, still, up), (be at a) stay (up), tarry. ], until the nation took vengeance upon their enemies. Is not this written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still [ ~md , daw-man': a prim root (compare 01724, 01820); to be dumb; by implication, to be astonished, to stop; also to perish:--cease, be cut down (off), forbear, hold peace, quiet self, rest, be silent, keep (put to) silence, be (stand) still, tarry, wait. ] in the midst [ ycx , khay-tsee': from 02673; the half or middle:--half, middle, mid(-night), midst, part, two parts. ] of the heavens and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.
    14There was no day like it before or since, when the Lord heeded the voice of a man. For the Lord fought for Israel.

What is the Book of Jasher?

Since the “then” introducing verse 12 does not necessarily indicate temporal sequence, notice that it says Joshua prayed the DAY OF this happening; it is possible that the hailstorm of verse 11 was actually the answer to Joshua’s prayer. The Hebrew words translated “stood still” and “stopped” may refer to the cessation of brightness, rather than the cessation of movement (cf. Hab 3:11), thus an extension of night not daytime was the miracle. 

The language of verse 13 is phenomenal 'And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed' could simply mean that the sun was not seen to traverse the sky as usual because of the darkness of the sudden almost instant storm that lasted 23 hours and 20 min. Having traveled through the night in order to catch the enemy by surprise (v. 9), Joshua commanded an extension of the darkness rather than light.  This storm probably was the largest hailstorm these people had ever seen, possibly the largest hail recorded up to that time and Joshua's prayer brought it down on their enemies heads, giving the needed rest to God's army!

As John Rea observes, “God answered above all that Joshua could ask or think by sending not only the desired shade {from the hot sun} to refresh His army but also a devastating hailstorm to crush and delay His enemies” (p. 218). 

So, as Maunders argues, the real miracle “was that Joshua had spoken, not in prayer or supplication, but in command, as if all Nature was at his disposal; and the Lord had hearkened and had, as it were, obeyed a human voice: an anticipation of the time when a greater Joshua should command even the winds and the sea, and they should obey Him (Mt 8:23-27).” (Maunders, p. 448). 

Has NASA Discovered Joshua's "Lost Day"?

A false story.....

by  Bert Thompson, Ph.D.

It is more likely that the Supernatural Hailstorm in the text was the miracle God used to cause Joshua's Victory and not 'stopping the earth's rotation', and yes God could completely reverse physics if he choose to do so but more likely he did not endanger the solar system to beat an army on earth!

I'm not saying that it was a small miracle it wasn't but the scale required by the false assumption was FAR in excess of what was needed to defeat mere men. 

Think about it for a moment physical Laws that God himself put into effect on the days of creation would have had to be usurped completely, this goes against God's promises when he made the world in the first place!

The reversal of the sun's course in Isaiah (Isaiah 38:7-8)

7And this will be the sign to you from the Lord that the Lord will do this thing that He has spoken:
    8Behold, I will turn the shadow [denoting the time of day] on the steps or degrees, which has gone down on the steps or sundial of Ahaz, backward ten steps or degrees. And the sunlight turned back ten steps on the steps on which it had gone down.

The Hebrew is maalah, which denotes an ascent by means of steps or stages, and is used for “steps” or “stairs” in the Old Testament. 

 "It is known that one such staircase descended the slope from the King’s Palace eastward down to the Horse Gate in the city wall (Neh.3.28; 2 Chron.23.15; Jer.31.40) and another ascended from the Horse Gate up to the south side of the Temple. 
By means of these two stairways the King possessed what amounted to a private way to the Temple, and there is one rather obscure passage in 2 Kings 16.18 which indicates that Ahaz made some alteration to one of these stairways. 
It seems then that the stairs leading down from the Palace to the Horse Gate are those to which reference is made in Isaiah.
Is there then another possible means by which the miracle could have been performed, more in keeping with the majesty and power of God and more indisputably attributable to Him?

The fact that as Hezekiah looked down his staircase, the Temple of the Lord was in full view upon his left, at the summit of Mount Moriah, suggests that there is.

The shadow of the palace lay ten steps down the staircase. 

Only the return of the sunlight could remove it – or a light brighter than sunlight. Every Israelite knew that there was such a light; the holy Shekinah’, that supernatural light that shone from between the cherubim in the Most Holy, that had been the guide of Israel in the wilderness in those long ago Exodus days, a “fire by night,” one that had been seen on rare occasions when God had cause to manifest His majesty and power in visible form. 

That fierce light, brighter than the sun at noonday, had flashed out from the Tabernacle to slay Nadab and Abihu when they offered “strange fire” before the Lord (Lev.10.2); it had flooded the camp at the time of Korah’s rebellion (Num.16. 42-45); it had filled Solomon’s Temple at its dedication. Isaiah saw it once in vision when he received his commission of service (Isa.6.1).

Is it possible that as Hezekiah gazed still upon the staircase, waiting for the sign that the Lord had promised him, the wondrous glory of the Shekinah did indeed blaze out from that sanctuary on the hill, blotting out the brightness of the sun itself, lighting all Jerusalem with its radiance? 

The shadow on the steps would have vanished in an instant. The whole scene, the Palace Gardens, the stairs themselves, the city wall and the Horse Gate far below, and the Mount of Olives on the opposite side of the valley, stand out in sharp relief vividly delineated in that blinding white light.

If this is indeed what happened on that memorable day, what possible doubt could remain in Hezekiah’s mind? More convincing by far than any natural celestial phenomenon, this message from the sanctuary was as the appearance of God Himself.

All Jerusalem must have seen it. All Jerusalem must have interpreted it aright. The Shekinah came forth only for destruction or blessing. Hezekiah was a good king, a God-fearing man.

It could only mean that he would recover, that he would live to play his part in the fulfilment of Divine promise, that there would yet be a son to sit upon the throne of the Lord after him, that the destiny of Israel would yet be achieved. 

The news would travel quickly, and before long all Judea would know what had happened, and that the king’s life had been prolonged for fifteen years." From

Again, there is no reason for God to break his set Laws to keep a promise, he simply shone his holy light from the ark upon the steps as a sign.

I'm not saying this is a DEFINITE HAPPENING but it sure makes more logical sense than God putting the solar system in danger just to give a sign to one man, don't you think? STILL A MIRACLE BUT ONE THAT FITS THE SIGN EVEN BETTER!

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NOTE: For more information about the Big Bang's fatal flaws and "The Great 21st Century Scientific Watergate," please check out our sister site,

1987 Challenge to the National Academy of Sciences

  • Our open letter of March 24, 1987, to Dr. Frank Press, president of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Press claimed that "evidence for creationism" has been scientifically invalidated, though he well knew this has not been the case for the polonium-halo evidence. Our letter once again requests him and other evolutionists to publicly explain how the polonium-halo evidence for creation has indeed been invalidated, this time on April 13 at the University of Tennessee. We suggest that Dr. Stephen Gould be the first one to speak on behalf of the academy, given his strong language denouncing the term, "creation science." HTML GIF

  • Our Knoxville Sentinel ad on April 12, 1987, announcing our presentation on the evening of the 13th at the University of Tennessee. Included in the ad was a copy of the above open letter to Dr. Press. HTML GIF

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Year 2000 Challenge to the National Academy of Sciences
  • Our letter of March 22, 2000, to Dr. Bruce Alberts, president of the National Academy of Sciences. Dr. Alberts claimed that evidence for special creation has been experimentally falsified.

  • This letter requests the Academy to publicly explain at Wichita State University on March 30, 2000, why it has chosen to reject the published evidence for the Genesis creation, evidence which after more than twenty-five years still stands unrefuted in the open scientific literature. HTML

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