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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PART 2 : Dealing the Death Blow to Evolution! The COBE Probe

The real issue with Evolutionary thought is that there is no real thought, they assume that the evidence states that evolution is true even if the evidence really says no such thing, THEY TAKE FOR GRANTED WHAT THE FACTS SAY, and because those who do this have many degrees and letters after their names its understood they know it to be true so IT MUST BE TRUE.
But to properly understand anything we must do our own homework and not simply TRANSFER SOMEONE ELSE'S  UNDERSTANDING INTO OUR MINDS because as a believer my thought pattern is meant to be the opposite, I try to disprove what I believe and God presents the facts to disprove ME, in that order. It is simple pride in your OWN UNDERSTANDING that prevents you from seeing the opposite understandings facts.
Does Evolution challenge my thoughts?
YES! Every day! 
The real question is does that challenge EVER change my Faith and the answer is a resounding NO! 
Evolution has never presented a challenge that could stand the Biblical test of proving God wrong. Why is that? Because as long as I can get an answer to the challenge that satisfies BOTH Scientific understandings and Scriptural FACTS, my Faith remains strong!
The COsmic Background Explorer (COBE), also referred to as Explorer 66, was a satellite dedicated to cosmology. Its goals were to investigate the cosmic microwave background radiation (CMB) of the universe and provide measurements that would help shape our understanding of the cosmos.
If you read the following article you can see the point as I stated above, they ASSUME the facts presented by COBE state that the Big Bang really happened, when the facts state no such thing!
Unmasking Evolution: The

by  Laurence D Smart   BScAgr, Dip Ed, Grad Dip Ed
2 The COBE Probe

Evolution Says .....

The COBE space probe found ripples in the background of space which proves that the Big Bang occurred.

The Facts Are .....
(1) Images of space captured by the Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) satellite have been labelled as the first hard evidence of the proof of the Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe. However, the patterns recorded were temperature gradients, which were only about 30 millionths of a degree warmer than the surrounding space - an infinitesimally minute gradient. Sydney Morning Herald, 25/4/92

(2) The 30 millionth of a degree fluctuations in the temperature of the universe has recently had its validity challenged. A member of the team who designed the instrument that took the readings has categorically stated that it was not sensitive enough to take readings that small. Creation Ex Nihilo, Vol.  14,  No. 4, 1992  p: 14-15

(3) An article in Science says that the variations claimed in the COBE project are well below the level of instrument noise, a type of background interference that would cover up such readings. It went on to say that the readings were obtained by statistical methods which still need careful checking. Science, May 1, 1992 p:612

(4) George Smoot, the man in charge of the COBE project, admitted in Science that the readings may not be real, and that even if the measurements were real, they could have been caused by other effects such as the motion of our galaxy through the background radiation. Science, May 1, 1992 p:612

(5) Two Yale scientists have stated in Scientific American that the 'bumps' in the readings of background space radiation taken by COBE have no bearing on what the structure of the universe was like billions of years ago. Their theory is that the variations in readings were caused by gravity waves - a prediction of the Theory of General Relativity. Scientific American, October 1992, p:15

(6) An article in Nature concludes that all that can be said is that the readings are consistent with the doctrine of the Big Bang, and that it is a cause of some alarm that the media has announced that "we now know" how the universe began. Nature, March 30, 1992 p:731

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