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Was Jesus invented through ancient myths?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

My debate with an Atheist on Sodahead! PART 1


The Following is a debate between me and an Atheist on Sodahead .com where I daily debate Atheists and Liberal Progressives. I will leave it as it happened, no spelling corrections! 

It must be stated that this debate started not about God but about Israel and the Palestinians and who's land is who's but she devolved it into a God debate once she revealed she was in fact an Atheist. 
This admission totally threw out her points made against Israel because she was PRETENDING to be an 'Orthodox' styled Jew against Zionism and Israel's incursion!

First of all I have a FULL TIME JOB and no church building at all, I make NO MONEY FROM ANY SOURCE but my personal Job, I make NO MONEY at all from my Websites and I hate man made religion of ANY KIND as the Lord does.

HATE TOWARDS YOU? what hate?, if your that PARANOID my friend you haven't a clue and I did hit a nerve otherwise your rhetoric wouldn't have escalated!

I only hate certain ideas with great passion as you do, but never the people who hold them, I stated before that I used to be you, holding the same lame ideas about God and Life until God restored my Life!


'A flake and Phony'? So your phony 'Orthodox Jew' RANT TO TO HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE to hate the state of Israel at the beginning was....what? Not hypocritical somehow?

Then you pulled the Atheist hate card out and ranted about that and somehow I'm phony for staying true to myself? Wow your a pure progressive alright, surprised you didn't pull out the RACE CARD yet.

You guys are unreal, you can't debate any topic without denigrating another opinion, I believe YOU are smarter than that and you know it!

I fully intend to INSULT AND TEAR APART STUPID IDEAS AND POLITICAL NONSENSE but not you personally and I would expect the same treatment from others but if its to much to ask, be yourself!

Funny how you always ignore the CONTENT OF MY RESPONSES without ever answering any point and then resort to unimpressive personal attacks....ummmmmm!

Anyway I still say your smarter than you are acting!

Please understand that Not every one who claims Salvation is really a Christian so Atheists cannot use religion to disprove God since God himself HATES ANYTHING MAN MADE OR INVENTED BY A FALSE IDEA! 


"i could care less what you have or say you have or have not. you are basically a vampire and feed off of others emotions or money it doesn't matter.its a form of sociopathy . wrong,you demonstrate your hate with all your lame writing. you blame and applaud the murders of innocent people because a book is being used to justify it. you have no empathy or compassion toward fellow humans,not one bit. you and your friend jean salivate over the deaths of innocent people for a stupid book claiming some imaginary god likes the israeli's best. the israeli's are russians. they have pushed aside even the jews who did live in palestine peacefully for centuries with their neighbors.

your content? what to reply to? you boast about this character you worship that began as all gods did as a fertility god as if its the only one allowed because you have been brainwashed .
you belie your religion and your god by your actions toward the palestinians. and your support of a racist ,apartheid state.

really???????????? so you know the mind of this god? what arrogance! so this god,your god hates and HATES anything man made or an idea?????????????? your good and loving and forgiving god HATES???????????????????????? man made and false ideas????? wow if that doesn't take the cake!

so this god that you claim you know its mind and what it wants, hates, HATES, anything man made or false ideas and yet you still exist. and yet your book of fairy tales that is USED to spread more hate and death is okay with this guy???

i feel sorry for you delusional people. you are all suffering from some sort of mental illness because you 1st claim this god is loving etc etc and yet also claim it hates . amazing how it hates the same things you do!

small minded bigots, thats what you believers are and thats all you ever will be. you have no souls. you have no hearts. all you have is arrogance ."



If you couldn't care less WHY did you answer me? You Atheists are afraid of truth because it shines a light on your ignorance and sin.....PROVING GOD IS REAL AFTER ALL OTHERWISE YOU'D JUST IGNORE IT ALL!

Nothing in all of creation can shake a life saved and redeemed from sin, not death, torture and certainly not silly ideas unproven and untested. God revealed himself to in a way NO atheist can come close to messing with.

REASON it out for once, IF there's a God, WHY WOULD he think like us, act like us or otherwise be anything like WE THINK he should be?

In order for a REAL GOD to exist he would be NOTHING like our understanding of an Idol god, something we made in OUR IMAGE. The God of scripture is NOTHING like a god we could invent and everything man has formed around HIS TRUTH [THE BIBLE] is not a complete understanding because we are naturally limited in intellect and reasoning.

God is perfect in every way, his Love, his Judgment, his Understanding and his dealings with man BUT SINCE WE ARE IMPERFECT BECAUSE OF SIN our love, Judgment, Understanding and dealings are imperfect, we see everything through darkness, unclear and limited in scope and this why our viewpoints are unimportant to God UNLESS WE ALLOW HIM TO INFLUENCE [THROUGH INSPIRATION] THOSE IDEAS WITH HIS PERFECT WORD bringing us closer to his perfection.

We by ourselves are incapable of knowing him as he should be understood so what makes us think we know anything about WHY he did that thing or this thing?

Every time an Atheist talks it makes my Faith deeper and stronger because it confirms the fact God thank you my friend for that!

his love



" wrong. there is no god and you are self deluded. a vampire for the emotions of others and their pockets. thats all priests ,ministers etc ever were.
blah blah blah!

everytime a huckster for religion spews it makes my knowledge of no god more firmly entrenched. platitudes ,self righteousness,pat self on the back ,are all sickening displays that you perform to make yourself feel good.

a perfect god cannot make an imperfect world unless it is imperfect itself. your god is imperfect as it made sin and then punished you for what it created. since you claim it made ALL things ,it is good and evil. you cannot nit pick. and to judge humans for what it created and that they merely follow is absurd and proves your belief system is twisted and unreal.

the more you immerse yourself in your delusion the farther from reality you go."



That's because you are digging the hole to entrench yourself in your own reasoning, but you GAIN NOTHING in fact or proof because you need no evidence.

Let's get honest here YOU HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE of any such thing, there's no evidence of no God even available, if there were there would be no debate, quite the contrary, but you ignore all facts that point to an opposite conclusion. You are guilty of DISHONEST REASONING. If you were even a serious skeptic you would listen to each debate to get both sides opinion and come to an honest conclusion, BUT YOU DON'T HAVE THAT KIND OF HONESTY!

Because you think or say, and this goes for us both, that you have deeper belief when hearing the other side IS NO EVIDENCE OR PROOF EITHER SIDE IS RIGHT, that only proves self belief or self delusion.

Real evidence is outside personal belief of any kind and cannot be denied flippantly just because you don't believe. To hate on evidence that is contrary to your understanding only digs a hole for your reason you cannot overcome. If you can't answer that evidence with good reasoning you do yourself disservice and only prove your reasoning's are not based in facts.

Atheists in the end are left with no proof whatsoever and wondering if they will ever understand the world, you cannot base reasoning's about God on plain conjecture.









NOTE- she doesn't read, watch or otherwise look at this evidence....TYPICAL!

wrong again. you are doing all the digging. you have not one iota of proof for your active fantasy life. not one bit. you speak of reasoning when you have none??LOL LOL

the deceit has been perpetrated ever since the far past ancestors of humans realized that by invoking the fear of the unknown and using it on the fearful gave them control of others lives. that is the ultimate in dishonesty.
your entire life is based on a "what if". what you think might be but which you are clueless about. you attempt,feebly,to put down those who refuse to be suckered into this absurd belief of a god that is worse than any human can possibly be.

the lack of understanding again is all yours. you are desperate to try to validate your imaginary god by claiming this and that. when in reality the claims are invalid and you have no proof of anything but what you say. 

LMAO!! all your videos are desperately trying to validate your belief system . you cannot. it doesn't matter what anyone says and tries to prove. there is no vengeful god hovering above the earth watching if you are bad or good. waiting to judge you after death. a judgement that is moot anyway since you claim this creature knows all ,sees all and has laid out a plan for everyone from before their births! the character of this creature that you claim exists is at complete odds with the rest of your belief. you twist,you turn,you change what this being is as it suits you. the problem you have is that all you think you know is based on what you want it to be.the evidence is there,humans created god.



Talking to you about anything is like arguing with a statue, you say nothing important. You haven't watched one thing above so stop lying to support your ignorance.

My case was always true with or without you, it was for your benefit that you break free from ignorance not mine. You don't know how to debate that's why I put those REAL DEBATERS up for you to learn how but I guess it doesn't matter to you if you look dumb on issues!

Its O.K. everyone with a true heart to understand will get a lot of evidence for God simply because YOU needed so much talking too, so in effect God is now using you to reach others, bet that feels good?

And just so you and others know, NOTHING I've said here has changed one bit [More of your ranting] I unlike you do not need to change my beliefs to fit my current status in life. You have changed dozens of times as we have talked, FROM AN ORTHODOX IMPOSTER, to an Atheist, to an Agnostic, to a psychologist [without training], to a life coach [without a clue] your the one mixing desperate ideas together NOT ME!

Make sense "you can't reason someone out of a position they didn't reason themselves into." My Faith was placed by God in me so you don't even have the power to convince me otherwise especially since your reasoning is so lame on MOST of the issues, your filled with unjustified hate.

You've been reasoned into a corner and your happy in your lack of knowledge, so why even talk about it if you can't put forth reasonable standards of logic?

Atheists are only in Debate on How 'Pushy to Be' about their reasoning instead of proving anything once and for all, think about this IF THERE WAS NO GOD, NO HEAVEN, NO HELL there would be no debate, instead all you guys do is DEEPEN the debate and further the understanding of God by dumb comments and insults.

If I were to post a RANT of an Atheist superimposed over the RANT of a crazy person locked up would there be any difference?

You insult what isn't there, you talk about what isn't there, you claim you can prove it and then in your psychosis you paint yourself into a corner trying to reason away something that isn't there BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION......this is simple STOP TALKING TO YOURSELF AND REASONING WITH YOURSELF ABOUT A NON-EXISTENT GOD IF THAT'S WHAT YOU BELIEVE THEN DO IT! Ignore those of us who believe, you don't care about human beings or their well-being so stop pretending too.

If you really truly KNOW there is no God, then stop sounding crazy talking to yourself [Because no one is paying attention to your rant] If God still bothers you then your invisible bugs crawling on your skin are a deeper issue than God.

I have given you plain clear presentations of the evidence THAT YOU HAVE CLEARLY NOT READ, NOT WATCHED and thus you have proven yourself an intellectually dishonest person!



"you so called case is based on hearsay,story telling and imagination. talking to you is like talking to most propagandists. you lack imagination unless it comes to your imaginary god.

you know less than the ants on the ground. all you want to be isn't no matter how you attempt to paint it. too bad ,so sad. you still lose.

yuor argument has no weight and carries no water because it is based on zero ."



How would you know its based on anything since you DON'T LOOK AT, READ, OR WATCH IT? The old 'I know you are but what I defense' is truly pathetic!


"what is truly pathetic is you and your endless claims of knowing something no one knows. now thats a sorry state.

you have been brainwashed ,best to admit it and get a cure."


Answer the questions for once, you CANNOT get proof of anything if you won't look, read, or watch! Why won't you admit that you are a happy ignorant Atheist that doesn't care if the other side is true or false, your fake as a debater until you take the facts apart.

Your simply a useful Idiot for Atheism, without facts, without evidence and finally in the end Atheists just use you to waste time...get a clue!

PROVE YOUR CASE instead of insulting mine without having seen the evidence.



NOTE: I'm not allowed to call it as I see it but she can insult away any time she wants?

"such insults from a so called christian! bet that guy in the sky really likes you in your mind!
the ignorance is all yours and always will be. why? because you WANT to think fairy tales are true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LMAO

the bible is a book of hokum ,stories stolen from others who actually lived and did the deeds. not a bunch of goatherders who did nothing of any value but wander from place to place and adopt the stories for their own
the red sea?LOL its marshland and always was.

by the way,no pharoah every died by drowning.LOL"



Wow! More ignorance of historical finds, let me educate you a little!

When its true its not an insult unless YOU can't admit it, so your comment is useless. Do you think YOU are the sole person on Soda-Head that plays that game, your not! You have done NOTHING BUT INSULT ME FROM THE BEGINNING even when I agreed with you so don't play innocent or play the victim card!

Baby Crying

And as usual you mix History with Hollywood addition which never adds up! If your going to denounce God at least have guts to investigate the evidence with facts instead of hearsay Hollywood movie drama!

They dramatize, they Lie or we start false stories about their movies...can't use movies to prove or disprove history!

Hollywood facts

Even if one Pharaoh had drowned with his army do really believe that the Great and Mighty empire of Egypt would ever admit it was beat by Goat Herders? PLEASE get a new excuse!

The Red Sea or [Reed Sea] was NOT shallow marshland, that's just silly.

At the place where they crossed it was 100 meters [ That's 100 m = 328.083 ' OR 328 ' and 1.00 ] deep around this are to the south it was 6oo Meters [ Or 600 meters is equivalent to 0.3728227Miles, 600 meters = 600 x 39.37 in = 23,622 inches = 1968.5 feet = .37282196969696 miles figure a meter is about a yard about 2000 yards makes a (nautical) mile so about a third of a mile ] deep!

Here are some facts from the History Channel, proving that Historians have placed the Wrong Pharaoh as Moses nemesis as was depicted by Hollywood in the Ten Commandments.


"there you go again with the insults! it seems thats all you have "good " christian that you clearly are NOT! i don't mix anything . your entire story line however is a fairy tale. there was no moses,by the way thats an egyptian title.

as for crossing the sea of reeds as it is called,there are multiple areas that have land bridges etc and the water level does drop periodically with wind ,just like it does on lake erie.

not to mention the fact that the bible chronology is inaccurate with dates and times. what the hebrews did was take the account of the hyksos being driven out of egypt and twist it to their own ends as they do with just about anything. typical of nomadic people who have no history or culture of their own. they adopt and adapt the events of others to their own ends.

"Ron Wyatt, a colorful and controversial amateur archeologist who claimed to have found Noah's ark, the Biblical Ark of the Covenant, the location of Sodom And Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, the true site of Mt. Sinai, the true site of the crucifixion of Jesus, and the original stones of the Ten Commandments. He was a passionate and sincere man, according to his supporters, but his critics abound and scientists and archeologists regarded him as an untrained maverick at best and there are some who regarded his as a fraud. Wyatt died from cancer in 1999."

the entire ,LOOK we found wheels proves nothing. the egyptians did use the area for trade you know.

The Egyptians were maticulous record keepers, and they never recorded losing all their Jewish slaves."


continued next blog..............

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